Seal Your Wefts

Finding the perfect hair can be an expensive and time consuming task. Once you purchase your hair, its important to take good care of it. One way to do so is to seal your wefts. This minimizes and prevents the shedding of Brazilian hair. Dritz Fray Check liquid Seam is a sealant that can be purchased at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, or any fabric store. You can expect to pay $3-$4. 

How to seal your wefts: Wash your hair and let it completely dry before applying sealant. Lay wefts on covered flat surface. Apply the sealant directly to the weft of the hair, NOT allowing the sealant to touch the hair. Allow 10-15 minutes for weft to dry or blow dry for faster results. After the weft is dried, repeat on opposite side.





  • samantha

    Yes agreed. Very.good info.. you must take care of the hair as if you grew it from the roots your self. Even if you decide to die it. I recommend a professional!!

  • Jazmine

    I didn’t seal my weft and my hair hardly sheads. Will try this next time.

  • feelingconseited

    Very informative. I definitely recommend weft sealimg as with anything there may be disadvantages. But as a hairstylist I feel the advantages are far greater. Thumbs up #suite6a

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