Bundles. Why not?

The excitement of “bundles” has taken the weave world by storm and doesn’t seem to be losing any momentum yet. Package hair is a thing of the past, and the biggest concern women have Is where they’re going to get their bundles from next. With so much variety out there it can easily turn into a daunting task. So what’s a girl to do?
Fret Not! The key to choosing the right bundle, is choosing the right type of hair. If you have a kinkier texture, look for hair that tends to be coarser such as Indian or Brazilian. Hair that blends well, sells well, so make sure you ‘re reading reviews. They can reveal a lot about the hair’s grade, ease of wear and shedding capabilities. Remember, it’s your stylist job to cultivate a bomb install, but it’s your job to provide the necessary tools to do so.
If you’re looking for some versatility with styling, make sure your bundles can easily revert to their natural state and withstand a good flat iron. Switching between a curlier texture and bone straight is best achieved when the hair is wavy to begin with. Typically, bundles are 100 % percent virgin hair, so it too can endure the different elements we put through our hair.
Bundled hair can also be dyed and reused more than once. Find a good product to use on the hair to preserve it and keep it looking fresh. This hair can really be a great investment -as long as you do your part. No more buying packs of hair every time you get a new do. With proper care and maintenance, bundles can be used for installs to come.

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