Fall Trends to Dive In

It’s Autumn and with the constant changing leaf colors, it might also be time to change the color of your weave! Fall sets the perfect mood for any change- job, house and personal style included. You have your classic fall shades and then there’s the bold ones for the thrill seekers. Wherever you fall, the next three shades are ones to undoubtedly try on your own:
Auburn: This is a tried and true go to color for the fall. It looks just like the leaves that are falling from the trees. Its soft balance between brown and red blend well with the natural landscape we grow so accustom to. An added benefit- it suites most complexions as well.
Purple: With Purple, you can do subtle highlights or go all out. Long ago was The Color Purple only reserved for the gothic, rock star types. Now this color can transition easily rom a fashionable night out to the meeting board room the next day.
Gray: This color was made hot by the likes of celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Rihanna. Not for the faint of heart, it takes a bold, confident woman to rock gray. Your definitely going to turn heads wherever you go so be sure your style and shade is right.
Consult with your stylist about the right coloring method for your hair and install. There are different techniques in place and with virgin hair, the right chemical processing is key. Whatever your personal preference, don’t be afraid to embrace the various changes that come around this time of year. You never know, your hair might be one of them!

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