Get Wiggy With It

Long gone are the days where wearing wigs was a style considered to be only for the old folks. Let’s just say wigs have come a long, long way. Your favorite celebrity wears them every day and your cousin is purchasing bundles right now to get a custom unit made. With all of wigs new found fame, one can wonder- When did wigs become so popping?
Well for one, they offer a high degree of variety for a low amount of risk. If you’ve ever thought about making a drastic change with your hair, but didn’t have the guts to do it, a wig offers the option to “go back” if you don’t like it. Wigs have also progressed onto much better options than the 99J short bob your Grandma always wore.
In fact, they have progressed so much that it can be a feat all on its own just choosing one. There are synthetic or human wigs, lace, or u-part, and even most recently 360 degree wigs. It can be overwhelming, but I recommend starting with a budget first.
Depending on what you are planning to do with this wig, whether it be for everyday or for a night on the town, the quality is going matter. The better the quality, the longer It lasts and the more uses you get from it. Companies such as Freetress and Model Model offer good quality synthetic wigs, that last for several uses, and run between $20-$50.
Now, if you have some money to spend and looking for an everyday style, then a lace or custom unit is the way to go. They will cost more than a beauty supply store wig but you’ll have control over the quality of hair and can have your stylist do a custom color too.
Whatever you decide, just be sure to do your research. With the proper preparation, you’ll find the unit just for you!

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