How to Keep Fit After Your Hair Gets Fixed!

One thing that’s surely an issue when it comes to getting the wig slayed is keeping up with that workout routine! The fittest of the fit don’t let a little hairdo stop them, and neither should you. For those of us who like to preserve the freshness of our new do, as long as possible- it can pose a problem. Here are a few ways to keep it right and tight from root to glute:
Invest in a Sweatband: This is going to be your best friend when trying to maintain your bundles and install. It keeps the hair up and away from your face, while also absorbing the perspiration from a hard work out. A good rule of thumb when looking to purchase, is buying one with Dry Fit technology.
Don’t get a “Leave Out”: Now this can be tough as some people are apprehensive about getting closures due to the fear of their hair looking “wiggy”. If you invest in a good stylist, a closure can aid in the upkeep of your fitness routine. All your natural hair is housed under the weave so when you do sweat, allow your installed hair to dry and style as usual.
Wrap your hair right: This is an essential step in preserving a style after working out. If you do have a leave out, you can avoid constant flat ironing by wrapping your hair securely at night. Once the hair has dried from working out, laying it down (a little product can also help) and then securing with a scarf for a few hours, molds it in place and makes it like new again. Just untie, fluff and go.
So, don’t think just because you got your hair laid that your fitness has to take a backseat in the process. It may require some extra care but looking and feeling great, will be well worth it.

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