Leave it In or Take it Out

One things for sure, you can’t tell a woman nothing that just got her hair done! It’s something about a fresh new do, that raises the confidence level to new heights. But what do you do when the “new do” isn’t so new anymore? You find ways to preserve it.
The length of time your weave will last depends solely on your personal level of upkeep. You would be surprised the number of women who are not knowledgeable in that area or don’t know how to properly use a flat iron. A good rule of thumb is making sure to wrap it each night.
Wrapping it could be something as simple as to tie it down in place with a scarf. Some women aren’t too fond of having something on their heads throughout the night, so using the “pineapple” method to tie hair up, or placing in a bun is also a good alternative.
If you are trying to preserve a curled style, flexi rods are a girl’s best friend. They’re soft and easy to sleep in, and produce a soft bouncy curl that can also help maintain a wave style. Bantu knots is another method than can be used to keep a curlier style as well.
By practicing these techniques, you can revive your hair time and time again. Many women keep their weave installed for around 4 weeks but with proper care, that time span can be doubled. After all, your hair is an investment- why not get the highest return possible?

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