Nurture Your Tresses

So, you've got your hair done and it's slayed and blowing in the wind. You got a leave out and it's pressed for the gods and glistening. You take the next few weeks to do whatever you can to preserve your new do- flexi rods every night with the bonnet to match. But what’s going on underneath all that?

It's important to take care of the hair growing from your own head while maintaining the new style you have. Sew ins are a great way to protect and grow your natural hair but only if you are nurturing it. Let’s be honest, at some point, more than a few of us have had to literally bring our hair back from the dead from months of neglect. It's the same with any protective style you're wearing.

One thing to keep in mind, even though your hair is probably braided or protected by a net, consistent conditioning is important. Prior to your sew in, make sure to get a deep conditioner and keep it as moisturized as possible while braided. It is also recommended to get a trim every 4-6 weeks so make sure before and after protective styles, special care is being given to your hair’s ends.

Now this last point may not be what you want to hear but it is essential to the cultivation of healthy hair. Make sure in between styles to allow your hair to breathe! It is very important the hair follicles get the opportunity from time to time to grow in its natural state with no constraints. This means as it naturally grows from the follicle, while not being braided, molded, or covered by any protective styling. The ultimate goal should be to have a head full of natural, HEALTHY hair. So, whatever you do, do what you must to get it!

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