Produce a Do, That will Do

With the natural hair craze, seemingly at an all-time high, so is the use of hair care products that meet your specific hair needs. Now more than ever, hair care companies are marketing to reach the natural hair care masses. Where there was once a row dedicated to “ethnic” hair now there are whole aisles in super markets. Obviously, this is a woman with natural hair, but what about those women who need hair care for their weaves?
The rise of “natural” haired women has also increased the need for protective styles and weaves. Long gone are the “pack hair” days where hair would only last you two to three weeks. With the introduction of Brazilian hair and “bundled” hair- it is lasting you two and three installs, or more. So how is this hair lasting? Well other than being an overall better grade of hair, human and not factory manufactured, it can with stand certain tensions. Nonetheless, just as with natural hair, the products used on bundled hair play a vital role in the longevity of the hair.
When washing the bundled hair, use shampoos that are sulfate free or neutralizing. This will aid in retaining some moisture and keeping the strands strong. If the hair has been color treated this also helps to retain the color. Same goes for a conditioning treatment. With hair that has been dyed, a good conditioner will leave the hair soft and reduce the dry brittle feeling that can sometimes come after a color treatment.
Leaving the conditioner on for several hours or overnight will maximize the effects of it. This is even more important once you are on your second or third install and the hair has been exposed to a good amount of tension already. Good brands are Cream of Nature, Organix and Pantene. Look for products that have Argon Oil in them and make hair feel light. Your hair will come out looking like new and ready for the next slayage to ensue!

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