Sew it In and Net it Out!

The art of weaving has come a long way over the past few years. Since colonial times, weaving, wigs and hair enhancement of some sort, have been the popular choice. What hadn’t been so popular was the time, upkeep or take down of these installs.
Fortunately, in the 21st century we have leveled up and found new and innovative ways to get our hair done. The practice of sewing in hair has reigned supreme do to its convenience, length of stay and protection of one’s own hair. Now, a new twist to sew ins has emerged with the use of a weaving net.
Yes, I’m referring to the type of thing you see on a basketball hoop, or behind a goalie in a soccer game. This type of net however is much smaller and applied to the braid foundation for the sew in. Its purpose it to alleviate stress on the natural hair and promote a longer lasting install.
Of course, there are pros and cons to getting a net weave. With nets the foundation of the sew in is flatter allowing for a smoother looking sew in. It also makes it easier to camouflage troubled spots on the scalp for those who may have patchy or thinning hair. Moisturizing your hair underneath is very important, as the net can make your real hair less accessible.
If your main purpose is to grow your own hair, and use sew ins as a protective style, then netted installs maybe the thing for you. Always make sure to consult with your stylist for best practices that work for you.

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